Scandinavian Summer: best places to Visit in Scandinavia in summer

The Scandinavian region is a part of northern Europe that generally consist of three countries of Europe that is Norway, Sweden as well as Denmark. Summer in the Scandinavian region is something that one should experience once in a lifetime.

If looking for a summer vacation destination then what could be better than getting yourselves on the beach surrounded by other beautiful and funky people? Enjoy chilled soft and hard drinks with DJ parties for the best summer in the Scandinavian region.

Scandinavia is no doubt the top choice for everyone around for places to visit during summer. The natural beauty of the larger Nordic world holds many beautiful places to visit during summer in Scandinavia.

Check some of the top destinations for spending summer in the Scandinavian region that will create a bunch of memories for a lifetime.

Places for summer in the Scandinavian region of Denmark

  • Copenhagen- the most popular Danish summer holiday destination is in the capital of Copenhagen. It is the hub of tourism due to its famous overcrowded beaches, clubs, and bars. It is the capital of Denmark, usually highly crowded during summer in the Scandinavian region.

During summer the beaches never remain empty as summer is a treat in Copenhagen. The average temperature is between 19° to 23° C and the highest goes around 33° C during July and August. Apply for a Denmark visa from UK visa services and get your express visa process done within 2 weeks.

  • Bornholm Island- Bornholm Island is for a peaceful vacation if you prefer a quieter place for a holiday stay. This beautiful summer holiday destination is far from the mainland and a bit south of Sweden and west of Poland in the Baltic Sea.

Apart from the geographical beauty, Bornholm Island is known for excessive offers during summer parties. It has numerous exciting beaches, the most famous is Dueodde Beach at the southern tip of the island. This is famously known for the finest sand in the world and for a way to scrub pine and spruce. This is the most exotic part of the Scandinavian region known for the summer vacation stay among tourists.

The North Coast of Bornholm Island is known as a rock island that gives the best trek vibes to hikers and climbers.

  • Skagen- For exciting summer in the Scandinavian region, head towards the north towards the town of Skagen in Denmark. For Dense and foreign visitors it is a top chosen destination of the Scandinavian region in summer.

These are some places to explore the Scandinavian region of Denmark, let’s check the best places to visit in Scandinavian around Sweden.

Summer in the Scandinavian region for Sweden

  • Malmo- Visit Malmo for summer fun in Sweden. Across the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen, the city of Malmo is a top choice during summer in the Scandinavian region. It is the third largest city in Sweden that never fails to amaze with its unique cosmopolitan lifestyle and activities.

During summer and spring, you can enjoy the city’s five beach areas between the average temperatures of 19° C to 23° C. Check the Ribersoborg Beach, popularly known as Scandinavian Copacabana which is just a 20-minute walk from the city. You can enjoy the Shallow and warm water fronted by the fine white sand for an exotic summer in the Scandinavian region.

There’s a list of things to explore in Malmo, like an open-air sea bathing facility with separate bathing pools for men and women. Enjoy the relaxing Swedish massage, take a Sauna, and enjoy dining with the most sophisticated view of the waterfront.

  • Nynashamn- One-hour train ride from Stockholm you will visit Nynashamn, the southernmost point of Stockholm. You can enjoy oceanfront camping, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, backpacking, swimming, sunbathing, and much more. Book your Sweden Schengen visa appointments now for the most thrilling summer vacation experience.

There are many famous camping resorts where you can experience the best outdoor activities in Sweden. Make your bookings now for an exciting summer in the Scandinavian region.

  • Gotland- Gotland is Sweden’s greatest island and a must-visit place when it comes to the Nordic summer holidays. Take a ferry ride from mainland Nynashamn and visit the most popular tourist destination of the Scandinavian region.

As the report says, in 2012 around 1.5 million people visited Gotland by ferry from Sweden whereas over 350,000 visitors flew there for experiencing summer in the Scandinavian region. This is the most majestic and loving beach in Sweden, no one ever wants to fail to visit the wonderful beach once after arriving in Sweden.

Summer in the Scandinavian region of Norway-

  • Svalbard- involvement of sun and sand is not compulsory every time during summer in the Scandinavian region. Svalbard is a Norwegian summer destination that gives you memories for a lifetime. It is north of Norway as a group of islands between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole.

If you love seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, and epic landscapes, then Svalbard is a go-to Scandinavian tourist destination. Temperature sticks around 4°C to 6°C. You will get to see the species of a variety of Whales, dolphins, walruses, seals, and almost all bird types.

Apply now for Schengen visa appointments for Norway to explore the beauty of the arctic fox seeing Svalbard reindeer and polar bears roaming around which makes it a unique summer vacation destination of the Scandinavian region in Norway.

  • Mandal- now come to the extreme south of Norway the town of Mandal. This is the top choice for all holidaymakers. Enjoy a peaceful stay around the Mandal River with the seaside and forest view of the charming town of Mandal. Vacation around great beaches is always worth a relaxing summer vacation.

The most popular is Sjosendan Beach well known for its natural scenic beauty. During summer the town is set for outdoor concerts every Wednesday. You can enjoy yourself with the locals with beers and music.

  • Valldal- The town of Valldal is a great choice for spending summer in the Scandinavian region. In terms of exploring sceneries or wild rivers down from the high mountain ranges, stunning cliffs, and lush forests, Valldal is a place that never disappoints you.

These are some best top-listed tourist destinations of the European Scandinavian region that never goes off of the list while looking for a holiday stay. Apply for a multi-entry Schengen visa from the UK and explore these all different Schengen countries at once for a lifelong memorable vacation. Summer in the Scandinavian region never fails to amaze and is always worth spending.