Denmark visa process from the UK

Denmark is a famous Scandinavian country surrounded by beautiful islands. The country is rich in culture and architecture and welcomes tourists from around the globe. For entering Denmark you need to have your verified Denmark Schengen visa. Now apply easily for a Denmark visa from the UK.

Check about the category of travelers who requires to have a Denmark Schengen visa before entering the country.

Need for Denmark visa-

Let’s check who doesn’t require a Denmark Schengen visa to enter the country.-

  • EU/EEA/ or Swiss nationals- if you are an EU/EEA/ or Swiss national you can visit Denmark without any restriction for work, study, or tourist visit purposes. So no Denmark visa is required for citizens of these nationals.
  • Countries having visa-free agreements with Schengen- citizens ofcountries like the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and a few others can enter Denmark for a stay of up to 90 days without any visa. You can visit for a tourist purpose or family visit purpose, not for work reasons.

Also please check the complete list of countries having visa-free agreements with Schengen. After checking the need for the visa you can apply for a Denmark visa from the UK. The UK visa process is very simple and easy which helps you to get the visa within 2 weeks.

Process of applying for a Denmark visa from the UK

Everything works under the set of steps while applying for VFS Denmark appointments. Check the steps mentioned below to start the process of applying for a Denmark visa from the UK.

  1. Online application form- Fill out the online application form on the website to book VFS Denmark appointments. Apply with complete accuracy. It is the first step of the Danish visa application process where you need to fill in all your basic personal details and submit the form.
  2. Payments for Denmark visa appointment- once you have submitted the online application form, you will receive the payment link from the team. The team check the application details and share the payment link to proceed.

Once you are done with the payment you can share your preferred date and time for the appointment. The team confirms the appointment accordingly.

  • Prepare documents- After once the payment is done, the Denmark visa UK team will share with you the complete list of documents as per your application profile. Arrange the documents accordingly. Also, the expert team will share you embassy application form required for the Denmark visa process.

Take the printout of the application and fill it in using a pen properly with correct and accurate details.

  • Appointment confirmation- Once you apply for your Denmark visa from the UK, you will get the appointment confirmation within 2 working days from VFS as well as from the UK expert team. Check your appointment date, time, and center location properly. Visit the appointment center with all required documents on time.
  • Wait to hear the decision- After attending the consulate interview wait to hear the decision of whether the visa is accepted or rejected. They ask very simple and basic things regarding your traveling purposes. Make sure you don’t fumble or hesitate and be confident during the interview.

Once this process is done you can wait for the visa update. Wait till the processing time. UK visa services expertise in the whole procedure which helps you to get a Denmark visa from the UK within 15 calendar days. You can use the login credentials to check the status of your visa. You will get SMS alert services and courier services for Denmark visa updates.

After 15 calendar days, you will get an SMS update regarding the dispatch of your visa and within a day or two you will receive the visa at your place.

Also don’t forget to check the application guidelines for UK residents applying for Denmark visas.

Denmark visa from the UK, guidelines and requirements

Those who are the citizens of UK who have a UK passport don’t require a visa to visit Denmark. Apart from this the non-EU nationals who reside in the UK with BRP need to apply for a Denmark visa from the UK to visit the country.

Make sure you have a valid British Residents permit, a passport not older than 10 years with at least 6 months of validity, and passport-sized photographs before looking to apply for a Denmark visa from the UK. These are the basic things, else you will require proof of finance, a cover letter, proof of civil status showing no criminal records, as well as proof of accommodation and tickets for Denmark. These are some basic documents that one needs to prepare before applying for a Denmark visa from the UK. There are other specific documents as well depending on the applicant’s profile.